Bless Our Veterans, Past, Present and Future calls VA Disability Claim "the best ever DIY book on filing a veteran's disability claim." It is the first and only comprehensive book that details the necessary steps to prepare, file, maintain and win a VA disability claim or appeal. It is structured as a user-friendly field manual, and designed to be easily read and understood. It also contains helpful suggestions and advice about how to navigate the often-perilous VA system, and where to go for assistance.

Open Letter to VA Secretary

Every American Should Read This New Book: Romanic Depression By Sean Maclaren

eBook available here. Author and researcher Sean Maclaren presents a four-part series that reveals how the nearly 500-year-old Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, have designed, built and destroyed the United States of America. Using examples from all sectors of society, Maclaren also details the mechanisms used by the Jesuits to cleverly hide their efforts in…

Medal of Honor

Medal Of Honor Awarded To Retired SF CSM Bennie Adkins On 15 September 2014

On 15 September 2014, retired Special Forces Command Sergeant Major Bennie Adkins of Opelika, AL was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. “Command Sergeant Major Bennie G. Adkins distinguished himself during 38 hours of close-combat fighting against enemy forces on March 9 to 12, 1966. At that time, then-Sergeant First Class Adkins was serving as…

About the Author

Jon Macintosh
Jon Macintosh is a former special-operations grunt who served a 4.5-year tour in the US Army. He is a disabled veteran who has thoroughly studied the VA benefits and healthcare system for nearly 20 years, and is always eager to tackle even the most difficult, painful and contentious VA issues, and report accurately on them.